POSTED ON 06/18/15


Early Contenders National Campaign

Ocean Lakes High School was the site picked for this year’s MaxPreps Top 25 high school football rankings photo shoot with the returning Virginia state champion Dolphins. Once there we focused on two locations, one being the Varsity lock room and the second one was the football field. Our goal was to capture the true essence of football while making the images creative. The coaching staff was amazing in making sure we had everything we needed to make the locker room look like an actively used space by filling the lockers with practice equipment. We chose to wait later in the afternoon to shoot the players on the football field because we wanted the images to have a more dramatic look. The dark sky in combination with the field lights and strobe lights created a very interesting result. The players were really excited and were competing between themselves to give us the best pose of the day which shows why they have a great level of success…they compete in everything they do. Go Dolphins!

POSTED ON 05/17/15

Yorktown Beach

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Vintage Polka Dot with a splash of yellow

This shoot began with our MUA and stylist@updopro1 attending a pinky promise meeting and connecting with our model Sarah through fellowship. We decided to shoot on the peninsula at Yorktown Beach. My history with Yorktown Beach goes back to one of our first weddings that taught us a lesson that every photographer should know about shooting on a beach and lakefront, and that is make sure your bride shows up before dark. Our first encounter had us waiting on the riverfront beach in the dark with the rest of the 50 or so guest that were invited. This situation grew even more out of control when the planning service hosting event had also not planned for the late arrival of the bride thus the reception was also in utter darkness as well ( real story!).

Secondly, our next attempt was a unknown recording artist whose management was indecisive about the art direction of the artist. This shoot was a utter disaster as well. Enter Sarah our fellow sister in Christ and Pinky Promise member, whose cool and laid back character was the key component in making our third attempt at Yorktown Beach a success. The forecast for this particular Sunday was 10% percent chance of rain which latter turned into 30% chance by 4pm, let's just say that at 4:30 we were ushered inside one of the restuarants on the riverwalk. This pause allowed us to sit and enjoy a time of fellowship with Sarah as we all got to know each. After then rain cleared we setup our gear and began to shoot, the images came out amazing as we shot on the beach. Stay tuned as we go through the post processing in Photoshop, Camera Raw, and Lightroom.

POSTED ON 05/15/15

Great Bridge Park

Abriah and Nadja

This photoshoot came about when our MUA and stylist @updopro1 was on a routine trip to Wally World (Wal-Mart) when she saw Abriah and Nadja walking with their mother when she approached them and asked if they would be interested in a photo session. When the idea was pitched to the rest of the team we knew it was time to capture the woods adjacent to Great Bridge Park. I had previously seen this location and thought to myself how cool would it be to have a shoot with a couple of girls with ballons and lace. Well the lace part was later thrown out due to the ages of the girls. When everyone arrived I had yet to put the props in place so it just looked like a pile of dirt in the woods. The bugs were relentless which later prompted us to always have bug spray as a protocol.

Soon after the props were in place we began our first series of shots with both girls, the wind became a factor when the balloons would not stay in place. The pile of dirt also had a slew of spiders crawling all over it ( lucky me ). I soon began to notice that the images began to take shape after adjusting the lighting and my position. The next area was the marsh overlook which was under construction ( they were adding decking to allow hikers to safely navigate through the woods to the overlook ). We would like to take time to thank both Abriah and Nadja for their time and effort, awesome job!

POSTED ON 05/10/15

Greenbrier Middle School

Track and Field

This concept derived from a few days worth of research involving Sports Illustrated style photos with a different take on lighting. Most photographers who approach sports photography miss a few important pieces when attempting this kind of shoot. First the time of day was 3pm, harsh sunlight and glares added for a mix on uncontrollable conditions we have to adjust for. Shooting into the sun was achieved by using polarizers, strobes and speedlites were used to create that bronzing effect on the skin.

POSTED ON 05/06/15

City Park

Maternity shoot at Magic Hour

City park was our location for our shoot with this lovely couple. Our goal was to capture the very essence of their joys of becoming first time parents. We would like to thank them both for allowing us to share in those memories.

POSTED ON 05/05/15

Battlefield Park

Dramatic Purple Makeup

This was a formal dress that our MUA and Stylist @updopro1 found at the vintage store. The decision to shoot on this day was last minute and we really didnt have a clue what we were going to do. There was a another park across the street that had a amazing marsh overlook in the woods, that area would later be used for our shoot with Abriah and Nadja.

POSTED ON 05/02/15


Vintage Store Haul

Red Wing Park was a great scouting effort of our team, amidst the lush garden we were able to capture some great photos of our model Jayla. The shoot started off with a vintage dress and jewelry found by our MUA and Stylist @updopro1.